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Name: Infernal Rank
Price: 75.00

This is a list of the perks you get for having this rank
Access to kit Infernal (/kit)
Access 4 vaults (/pv)
Access to set 8 homes (/home, /sethome)
Access to nightvision (/nv)
Access to set your time (/ptime)
Access to set your weather (/pweather)
Access to craft virtually (/craft)
Access to check close players (/near)
Access to heal yourself (/heal)
Access to feed yourself (/feed)
Access to repair the item in your hand (/fix hand)
Access to repair all items in your inventory (/fix all)
Access to see how long a player has been online or offline for (/seen)
Access to view the inventory of another player (/invsee )
Access to keep EXP on death

This is a list of the seasonal perks you get for typing /reclaim
- Fire crate


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